Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Part I-Brief talk/video about the project.

Part I of my 'impromptu' talk during our Kickstarter Preview Party.

We had only planned on saying "thank you".... in retrospect we should have prepared to give a brief talk.... this was in the spur of the moment- which is OK... for the exception that I totally blanked out on important things like the names in Mapudungun which we have learned!

We hope you enjoy it... we are having trouble with part II of the video loading.... but hopefully we will be able to download and share it with you!  Thank you again!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Esssence of the Mapuche Preview party/preview video

Thank you, Gracias a todos!
Thanks to every single one of you who have been such a HUGE support!

                            Below is the intro video... a longer one with a brief presentation will follow soon!

We had our Kickstarter Preview Party this past Saturday and our work was well received!

Sergio and I each have one more piece to finish.... and we will have completed the collection!
At this point all of the works on paper are available for sale at a discounted price for all Kickstarter backers (25% off)!  If you are interested in a piece on canvas, please contact us as we are actively seeking at least one gallery exhibit and would like to thus then, have all canvas pieces available for showing. 

All of the paintings on paper are also available as high quality reproductions (we produce them ourselves here in the studio).

We are in the process of uploading the featured video for the event... but in the meantime, here is a clip made by our dearest friend and Kickstart backer, Angela (thanks Angie! You did a wonderful job :)

Much love & light to all!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy and a bird

We want to send our love and prayers to everyone affected by "Sandy"... we are so sorry to know about all the devastation... much love goes out to all of you affected, especially to our backers in Va. who had a family member's home burn down, and to our backers in New York who are surrounded by tragic devastation... Much love and light to you all....

We spent the evening waiting for Sandy inside our studio.... there were loud noises of generators popping, and large limbs and trees falling.... even a weird howling that sounded like several ghosts outside our door. We later found out that the noise came from a pipe next to our studio which "screamed" when the wind went through it "just so".

We painted and worried ... and thankfully, in our case: it was all for naught. The large historic trees that tower over our home and over our studio held on tightly to the ground.... with Irene we lost a tree and part of our gazebo...not so with Sandy. It is tragic to see how much others suffered...
We have not owned a TV ever... so the internet was our source of information- and as we listened to reports, I had to grab a large canvas and give in my energy to splash around and work and work on color. Pure color.... I spent hours and hours working on this piece.

And Sergio worked on his encaustics ... some of our last few pieces for this Mapuche collection.....

We still plan to have our private viewing this Saturday, although it may be a bit more hurried than we had planned as we had to spend time preparing for Sandy because our studio and home have flooded more than a few times in the past, so we needed to take several precautions to avert more water coming in. Luckily, we did not get a drop of water in!

Sergio is pictured here carefully "engraving" his encaustic... it is a tedious process, and I admire his patience!  What you see is a large piece with a smaller one (12" x 12") laying on top.

The day after Sandy we went back into the studio and I spent all day working on the piece.... adding a figure to it. I am uncertain whether it will be finished on Saturday... but even if it is not, I plan to hang it as I see it 'part of' this collection....

I struggled to "find" the figure and the story in this piece.... but eventually she appeared. At this point, I thought she would be holding out her hand to feed the bird (upper left)

I worked on her face and hair while trying to figure out what the painting was leading me towards.... unsure of what she would hold in her hand... an egg perhaps? or a flower?
 But she will be holding a bird.... I will post her when she is finished, and Sergio's pieces too! Much love & light to you ALL!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

as joyful as a dream

We have less than two weeks to finish our Mapuche collection in order for it to be ready for our kickstarter private viewing! We are excited about it and we are VERY happy with our work!

Thank YOU, our kickstarter backers... this theme, your support and encouragement.... !

We hope to be able to share the collection with the public at large, thus we will soon be sending proposals to galleries... (any suggestions/recommendations are more than welcome!).

Sergio's encaustic: Fear and the snake

This is one of the pieces Sergio recently finished. It depicts one of the versions of the myth of Tren-tren vilu, the earth snake, and Kai-kai vilu, the sea snake Kai-kai vilu. It is in essence, a 'flood'~ (isn't it interesting that 'floods' are found in spiritual & religious cultures throughout the world?). Kai kai Vilu was angry because mankind was in a state of imbalance on the face of the earth and injustice, inequality and all the wickedness of men and women previaled .. . so it set to destroy the earth.
Tren-tren vilu woke up upon noticing this and helped people who tried to run away, guiding them and rising the earth for their safety, however- as Tren tren moved.... some people were afraid and failed to trust and have faith on Tren tren.... thus it allowed all of the fearful people to fall off into the sea of Kai kai Vilu.... leaving only three human beings alive.
I think it is a wonderful reminder for us to live our lives sans fear!

Here is another of Sergio's pieces, a couple stand in rays of love...

For the mapuche people men and women maintain a harmonious relationship with all beings nurtured by mother earth.
There is no rivalry or power struggle between mapuche men and women. Neither is there imposition, control or domination of one by the other. Theirs is a relationship of equilibrium and cooperation.

The first mapuche creation narrative tells us that women and men were created separately and independently. Woman was created first and since she lacked company, man was subsequently created from a star, that is, from a spirit as the story says: “…to complement each other, in solidarity and reciprocity, free and responsible for the duty of preserving nature and the earth.”

Machi/ShamanAlthough I planned to make a few more ancestor pieces (and I still may)... the Machi (Mapuche shaman) has been appearing in my work.... and I am thrilled with the results... this is a collaborative piece: Sergio did the background, and I allowed the Machi to come forth with oils.....

She is holding a Kultrun, the Mapuche ceremonial drum.
She is followed by her fellow Mapuches..
or perhaps the ancestor spirits that support her in her journey as she supports others here on earth.

In mapuche culture, women possess a tight kinship with nature and especially with the earth in her role as mother- Ñuke, origin and nourisher of life.
She is the one chosen by the powers and spirits to take on the role of MACHI, the intercessor between the mapuche and the life-giving and protecting powers and spirits of nature. She is responsible for permanently searching the equilibrium and harmony between people and nature, as such- women have the role of orienting, guiding and projecting mapuche culture in time.

Here is her close up:
I can't begin to tell you how much fun we are having.... !
The focus that has come from this Kickstarter projec has truly brough us to a wonderFULL place- thank YOU so very, very much!
Teaching art is something we love... but we hope that each day brings us closer to our dream of spending our days doing more painting than teaching -an impossibility without the support of people like you and our collectors!

The other day, as I looked around the studio, I found another piece that Sergio made that excited me towards "finding" a Machi/Shaman... the result was a very haunting portrait of a younger Machi....
As I worked on her, I also thought of a part in the book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez where he tells of a woman who is
followed by butterflies everywhere she goes...
I grabbed some wax and a torch...and I also worked into the background a bit with colors. As the Mapcuhe say: Peumangen felepe~“I hope all that happens to you is as joyful as a dream.”

Here is the close up:

Please remember you can keep up with all our daily ARTventures on our Facebook page!

Much love, light and laughter to YOU and yours!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Machi spirit

It has been too long since I have posted.... but there is a very good reason for that: my arm has been giving me loads of trouble. The doctors think it is "tennis elbow" due to repeated motion (painting)... and so I am 'saving' my arm use for painting and only the necessary 'typing'.
We have continued to work on our Mapuche collection in order to present it to you on November 3rd. At that time, we will have a private pARTy for all of our backers (if you have not RSVPd yet-please do so asap!)-- we will film the event so that those of you who can not join us will see the entire collection together.

Below is the piece currently on my easel: Machi spirit. This is a collaboration with Sergio as he did the background for the piece.

Much love, light and laughter to you!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Encaustics and Mapuche Essence well on its way

We are excited about how our work is progressing.... Last week, Sergio made two beautiful pieces which will be the "genesis" of our Mapuche Essence project. The colors are just magnificent!

This first one is representative of Coi Coi-Vilu or Caicai-Vilu (from Mapudungun Kaykayfilu: Kaykay a name, and filu "snake") is the godess of water  and of all that inhabits it and is who rules the seas;  Coi Coi-Vilu is son of a Pillan (ancestral benevolent spirit).

This second one represents  Ten Ten-Vilu or Trentren-Vilu (from Mapudungun Trengtrengfilu: Trengtreng a name, and filu "snake") the goddess of Earth and Fertility who has a generous spirit and is the protector of all life on Earth, and the flora and fauna

This third piece by Sergio depicts benevolent Ancestral spirits. The Pillan and the accompanying female spirit of the the Wangulen. They have been described as spirits that live in the Wenumapu (a spiritual world of good which was one of the first watercolors I depicted whilst in Chile) and those that inhabit the earth generally live inside the volcanoes- (this piece belongs to our collector and kickstarter backer in Australia, Laura K.)

This fourth encaustic is was also made specifically for one of our Kickstarter backers and studio families (their child takes art classes with us here weekly) and it  also depicts the benevolent spirit of Pillan. This piece actually is vertical...but blogger is being nasty and will not post it as such.... >:{

We are on deadline now to get this collection finished as will be hosting our Kickstarter pARTy in the studio on November 3rd..... can't wait to share it with you!

Much love and light to you.... with much gratitude,
Claudia & Sergio

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumn....and a video from the studio

Happy Autumn/Happy Mabon/Happy Moon/Happy Higan....

Today is Fall Equinox, it is the time to give thanks for all of the light we have been enjoying, and to prepare for the time of darkness and introspection...when Sergio and I make the most work in the studio! As such, we are finally "full on" with our Mapuche/Ancestors work as you can see in this video.... enjoying this wonderFULL Autumnal weather here in Washington DC.
Soon, we will have the wood stove going.... and we will be drinking Mate through the night as we work!

We look forward to sharing this exciting Mapuche/Ancestors Collection with you!!

In Greek mythology, Autumn is when the goddess Persephone returns to the underworld to be with her husband Hades. It is a good time to reflect on successes or failures from the previous months and it is a time of give thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. It is also a time to get ready for the cold dark months ahead as well as a time to appreciate the connection we have with those around us, as well as those who have gone before us: our ancestors!